for teachers and schools

> guided visits and workshops

Teachers and pupils are welcome at the Ferme de la Chapelle for guided visits and workshops related to the exhibitions.

If you have a morning or an afternoon available we can offer you the following programme:

if you have less time:


by telephone: 022.342.94.38

or by email:

learning at the gallery

> encounters with contemporary art

The Ferme de la Chapelle offers a talk on the history of art linked to each exhibition. The talk is  accompanied by a slide show illustrating contemporary art and the work of the artists.

place: Ferme de la Chapelle


For children aged 7 to 12

> themed visits

A themed tour followed by a workshop led by a cultural monitor. 

For 7-12 year olds accompanied by an adult.

At 2.30pm and at 4pm.

Saturdays 28th January, 4th, 11th & 12th February- 2.30pm and at 4pm

Participation: free

An attractive and fun way to discover contemporary art and the work of the artists exhibiting in the gallery.

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